Schoggi Painting - an abstract-expressionist polyptych painting by Alexander Borissov

What is Schoggi. Schoggi Painting is a large polyptych containing 12,345 pieces or tiles. Each tile is a miniature painting of c. 5 x 5 cm. - an artwork in its own right, numbered and signed at the back by the artist. The whole painting is 4 meters wide by 7.7 meters long, and it took Alexander Borissov over 9 months to complete.

How it bagan. Schoggi Painting was painted on a sustainable material. The company CWS-boco has sponsored 100 recycled cotton hand towel rolls for Alexander's art project.

After painting on decommissioned CWS rolls for several years in different countries around the World creating a Long painting which is now over 2000 meters long, a new format of the "shared art" has emerged and the grand "Schoggi Painting" was born.

Unique technique. The Schioggi Painting is made with the unique action painting technique invented by Alexander Borissov and developed during the years of artistic experimentation. The combination of the intention with chance makes the painting structured and spontaneous at the same time. The result is a magnificent dynamic pattern of vivid colours and shapes fascinating at macro as well as micro perspective.

Alexander Borissov presenting the Schoggi Painting at Ina Dederer and Friends Gallery, Zurich, 2015

Shared Art. Schoggi in Swiss German means chocolate. Like a chocolate bar that can be devided between people, the Schoggi Painting is made to be shared. A tile or a selection of tiles can be bought by individuals thanks to an innovative democratic pricing model, making the magical Schoggi Painting and its beauty available to many.

Schoggi Painting Tile Number 12338 by Alexander Borissov, 2015. Current price CHF 350,-

Unique pricing formula. The price reflects the hierarchy of the tiles and the unique artistic qualities of each piece. As a guide, the price equals 12345 (the total number of tiles) minus the number of the tile a person wants to buy. There is a minimum price, which is currently CHF 250 per tile.

Tiles that have unique artistic qualities are sold at a premium.

Tiles can be ordered via e-mail to .

To see the tiles from the Shoggi Painting Bar 8 that currently available for purchase click here.

Schoggi Painting Tiles - sold and available:

Schoggi Painting Tiles Number 12322, 12323, 12324, 12326, 12327, 12328 SOLD

Schoggi Painting Tiles Number 11943, 11944, 11961, 11947, 11948, 11965 SOLD

Schoggi Painting Tiles Number 11941, 11942, 119645, 11946, 11949, 11950 SOLD

Schoggi Painting Tiles Number 12262, 12263, 12266, 12267. Price on application.

Schoggi Painting Tiles Number 11566, 11567, 11568. Price on application.

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Schoggi Painting Bar 8 - the original uncut version of March 2015

Schoggi Painting Bar 8 - sold, reserved and available tiles as of December 31, 2015

Photos from the opening of the Abstract Art exhibition at Ina Dederer and Friebnds Gallery, Zurich, on March 31, 2015

One third of the Schoggi Painting - Bar 3 - was on display at Ina Dederer and Friends Gallery, Zurich, in March - May 2015 and at Altstadthalle, Zug in August 2015. Bar 2 was on display at the bank BPS Suisse, Zurich. Below are the photos of the Schoggi Painting and other paintings by Alexander Borissov exhibited at Ina Dederer and Friends Art Gallegy.

Schoggi Painting Tiles: Sold and Available:

Tile # 12287. Price on application.

Tile # 12316. Price on application.

Tile # 12321. Price on application.

Tile # 12330 SOLD

Tile # 12331. Price on application.

Tile # 12332 SOLD

Tile # 12335. Price on application.

Tile # 12336 SOLD

Tile # 12337. Price on application.

Tiles ## 11584 and 11588 SOLD

Tiles ## 11592 and 11596 SOLD

Tiles ## 12264 and 12268 Sale Price SOLD

Tiles ## 11969, 11973 and 11977

Price on application.

Tiles ## 11984, 11988 and 11992

Price CHF1500,-