What is Schoggi. Schoggi Painting is a large polyptych containing 12,345 pieces or tiles. Each tile is a miniature painting of c. 5 x 5 cm. - an artwork in its own right, numbered and signed at the back by the artist. The whole painting is 4 meters wide by 7.7 meters long, and it took Alexander Borissov over 9 months to complete.

Schoggi Painting is a statement art dedicated to promote sustainability and connection between people living in different countries. It calls for a better life with social and environmental awareness.

Shared Art. Schoggi in Swiss German means chocolate. Like a chocolate bar that can be divided between people, the Schoggi Painting is made to be shared. A tile or a selection of tiles can be bought by individuals, making the magical Schoggi Painting and its beauty available to many.

"... I saw on the side board the piece of art that I bought from you. It was amazing how it opened my mind and my whole consciousness in a magical way I cannot describe, - it was a most powerful feeling! This is a manifested proof of the value of your work." Rolf Wild.

Alexander Borissov presenting Schoggi Painting at the art exhibition at Ina Dederer and Friends Gallery in Zurich

How it began. The idea of creating art on a sustainable material was well received by the company CWS-boco who has sponsored 100 recycled cotton hand towel rolls for this art project. After painting on CWS decommissioned rolls for several years in different countries around the World a Long Painting was created which is now over 2000 meters long. With moving from shared admiration to shared ownership a new format of the Shared Art has emerged and the grand Schoggi Painting was born.

Alexander Borissov painting in London on CWS roll

Unique technique. The Schioggi Painting is made with the "ravioli painting" technique - a unique action painting technique invented by Alexander Borissov and developed during the years of artistic experimentation. It involves dipping cooked raviolis in paint and launching them with a catapult on canvas. The combination of the intention with chance makes the painting structured and spontaneous all at the same time. The result is a magnificent dynamic pattern of vivid colours and shapes fascinating at macro as well as micro perspective.

Chocolate is usually sold in chocolate bars. Likewise, the Schoggi Painging is presented in large sections called Schoggi Painting Bars. There are 8 bars in total, and below is the Schoggi Painting Bar 8.

Shoggi Painting Bar 8 contains 300 tiles. Click here to see the individual tiles in a larger format.

Exhibitions. Because of its grand size (4 m. x 7.7 m.) parts of the Schoggi were exhibited at the same time at various location. The Schoggi Painting was first presented to the public at Ina Dederer and Friends Art Gallery in Zurich, where parts of it - Bars 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 - were exhibited from March to June 2015. From April to November 2015 the Schoggi Painging Bar 2 - was exhibited at the office of BPS Suisse bank in Zurich. Thereafter Bar 8 was also on display at the opening of the art exhibition organised by the KUKK Verein in Zurich, and at the International Art Exhibition in Zug in August 2015. Bar 1 is a closely guarded secret, and nobody else but the artist himself has seen it so far. Currently there is no intention to exhibit Bar 1.

Bar 8: Tiles sold and reservded as at December 31, 2015. Click here to see the individual tiles in a larger format.

Collective ownership. Schoggi Painting is sold tile by tile or by collections of tiles. It has 12,345 tiles and at an extreme can be owned by 12,345 persons. However some collectors have chosen to buy more than one tile and now own small collections of 2 to 12 tiles each. The public at the exhibition where the Schoggi Bar 3 was displayed have asked not to cut Bar 3 and keep it as one piece because of its immence beauty as a whole.

Schoggi Painting Bar 3 exhibited at Ina Dederer and Friends Art Gallery, Zurich, 2015.

After debating the truly Shaksperian question of the 21st century - to cut, or not to cut - it has been decided ... not to cut! This resolution has saved this great part of Schoggi for the benefit of the public as a whole.

Bar 3 has 4,000 tiles which are now off the distribution and the total number of tiles available for purchase has therefore been reduced from 12,345 to 8,345.

Unique Pricing.

The price reflects the hierarchy of the tiles and the unique artistic qualities of each piece. As a guide, the price equals 12345 (the total number of tiles) minus the number of the tile a person wants to buy. There is a minimum price, which is currently CHF 250 per tile.

Tiles that have unique artistic qualities are sold at a premium.

Tiles can be ordered via e-mail to alex@abfile.com .

To see the tiles from the Shoggi Painting Bar 8 that currently available for purchase click here.

Secondary market. Tiles that have already been sold may become available at the secondary market at the price set by the current owner. To find out if the sold tile is available at the secondary market please e-mail alex@abfile.com .

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